Apple Garden


Property features

Property details
Size: 83 m2
Furnishing: Kitchen set
Bedrooms: 2+1
Ceiling Height: 3
Bathrooms: 1
Construction Year: 2024
Floor: 1
Lobby: Yes
Outdoor pool: Yes
Playgrounds: Indoor and open
Gazebo: Yes
Barbecue area: Yes
Rest room: Yes
Playroom: Billiards
Fitness: Yes
Sauna: Yes
Steam room: Yes
Open parking lot: Yes
Video surveillance system 7/24
Property utility
Heating: Air conditioning
Intercom: Yes
Air Condition: Yes
Fireplace: No
Cable TV: Yes
Elevator: Yes
WiFi: Yes
Outdoor features
Garage: No
Parking: Yes
Garden: Yes
Swimming Pool: Yes
Security: 7/24 Security


Antalya Turkey

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